Building a binder: Start up


Who should use a coupon binder?

A coupon binder is good for folks who get 1-20 Sunday inserts weekly. If you get more than that and clip all your coupons and put them in your binder, you may need to carry two binders. The coupon binder method is good for those people who like to have all of their coupons with them when they shop. The coupon binder is not however a good method if you are embarrassed of your savvy coupon shopping and do not want to be seen in the store with a large coupon binder.

Materials Needed For A Coupon Binder:

A large three ring binder – I strongly suggest that you get a binder that zippers or Velcro’s closed, and get the largest binder you can afford. 3 inches or larger is best. I would not suggest 1-1 1/2″ binders only because you will gain lot’s of Qs quickly and what happens when you choose that size is you’ll end up with 2 or 3 binders and you’ll forget Qs. Case It makes some very sturdy binders and they are available on Amazon as well.
Plastic organizing sheets – Most people use baseball card holder sheets to start off with, you can add in other sizes of sheets such as those for photos, currency, etc. for larger coupons, however these are not needed, you can stick to only baseball card sheets, I personally use various sizes and purchase those from Amazon. Only because I don’t want to fold Qs to fit in the baseball holders, so I don’t miss an expiration date etc.
Dividers-You can either use divider pages or self stick tabs, either of which can be found at office supply stores and just about anywhere else, Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up office supplies!


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