Weekly hauls

What A Fabulous job from One of our H.E.B Shoppers……..Thank you Tara Oakley  

Tara Oakley

 Bought at h.e.b. saved around 26.00 spent 14 and change. Used $1.00 off 2 juicy juice coupon paired up with an email coupon for $2.00 off $5.00 in juice and in store coupon for free Pringle sticks with each juicy juice pack. Used 55 cents off each Jimmy dean breakfast bowl manufacturer coupon teamed up with in store coupon for a free box of waffles with each Jimmy dean bowl and email coupon for $ 2.00 off $6.00 in frozen breakfast purchase. Salad on sale for $1.77 used email coupon for $ 2.00 off $5 bagged salad. Used $ 1.00 manufacturer coupon on the lunchable with juice, paired up with email coupon for $ 3.00 off lunchable purchase of 8.00, the lunchable uploaded each got a free pack of oscar mayer turkey using in store coupon. Used $ 2.00 off produce email coupon for the fruit. All email coupons were sent to me by signing up to get h.e.b. emails. Bread was not on sale, just needed it and my baby girl asked for the Apple juice smile emoticon